We collaborate closely with our clients, colleagues and craftspeople in creating and realizing a unique vision that responds to and takes advantage of the features of the given site, reflects the desires of the client and is realistic given the budget. We are deeply committed to a team approach. We have developed close working relationships with a large number of experienced Contractors and we feel that a project thrives when the members of the team work together, in a collaborative fashion, beginning in the early stages of the project.

We do not begin any project with a pre-conceived solution. We believe the vision reveals itself through discussions with client and by developing a thorough understanding of the site. The project’s size, location, setting, orientation, views, topography, climate, elevation, vegetation, privacy, neighborhood guidelines, etc., all provide context and help inform our design process.

During the initial stages of the process we design by hand. Drawing is a process of thinking and vice versa. While we rely on hand drawing to communicate and design, we incorporate technology at every step of the project to make the process more efficient and coordinated. We utilize 3-D computer modeling, as necessary, as a design tool to examine exterior massing and to experience and design interior spaces and elements.

Each of our projects embody a variety of spatial relationships at different scales using high quality materials. The size, scale, material and openness of any particular space directly influences the interactions that occur within. We design with the belief that Architecture is a dynamic participant in, and has the potential to add significant quality to, the lives of its inhabitants.                   


Process Plan